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Rareș Voicu
Elected President of the European Youth Forum
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What’s my story?

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I decide to take the next step and run for the Vice Presidency of the National School Students’ Council, working on the internal management of the organisation.


I win my first election in my local school students’ council, when I was 15 years old, starting my journey in the youth movement.

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In June 2021, I am one of the four people elected to the Board of OBESSU, continuing my fight for school students’ rights at the European level.


In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am elected as the President of the National School Students’ Council and lead the organisation through a year of funding cuts, uncertainty and political turmoil.

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I join UNICEF as an Adolescent Engagement Officer, working directly with children and adolescents and supporting the efforts of mainstreaming child and youth participation in decision-making proceses.


In November 2022, the member organisations of the European Youth Forum elect me as one of the Board Members of the platform. During the current mandate, my work has been focused on the European Parliament elections, non-formal education and civic space.

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I’ve been fighting for young people and youth organisations for as long as I can remember. Now, I am running to be the next President of the European Youth Forum to keep up this fight.

What are my priorities as President?


A visible, present, and politically relevant European Youth Forum


Enhance the Youth Forum’s communication efforts, by expanding outside of our regular channels, in order to reach a more diverse group of young people.


Ensure proper resource allocation within the platform, in order to increase and maintain our presence in policy-making spaces dealing with issues relevant to the YFJ and to our Member Organisations.

> politically relevant

Position the European Youth Forum as the main stakeholder for young people and youth organisations at the European level, particularly after the European Parliament elections.


A transparent, inclusive, and open European Youth Forum

> transparent

Perfect the internal transparency of the organisation, strengthening the trust between the bodies of the European Youth Forum.

> inclusive

Co-develop and implement, with the membership of the YFJ, structural internal changes to ensure that all young people can be seen and heard in the European Youth Forum.


Ensure that the European Youth Forum is open for young people and youth organisations alike, in order to create a stronger feeling of representation and Young European identity.


A strong, membership-led, board-managed European Youth Forum


Strengthen the human and financial resources of the organisation, in order to advance the sustainable growth of the European Youth Forum and, most importantly, of its Member Organisations.


Empower and provide spaces for the membership of the European Youth Forum to engage in, steer and monitor the strategic & political developments of the organisation.


Create internal portfolios and KPIs, as well as working structures, whenever needed, which allow the board to carry out the mandate offered by the membership in a manner which places efficiency and accountability at the centre of the board’s work.

See me in action!

Addressing the Council of the EU’s Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council, on the topic of furthering Child Participation in EU-level decision-making processes, in 2019.

Addressing Commissioner Nicholas Schmit during the 2021 edition of the European Youth Event, on the topic of NEETs and the European Year of Youth.

Delivering the closing address during the European Congress on Global Education 2050, on behalf of the youth constituency.

Speaking with ONE News Malta, on behalf of the European Youth Forum, about lowering the voting age to 16 years old across Europe.

Addressing the topic of meaningful and inclusive youth engagement during the European Parliament elections and beyond, during a Policy Dialogue with European Commissioner Iliana Ivanova.

I will run a campaign and mandate during which the input of the Member Organisations will be at the centre of my work.

I would love to start this by discussing my priorities - how can I make YOUR voice heard?

Get in touch with me at contact@raresvoicu.com or on social media and let’s start chatting!

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